Plans for October

Oh hey! The end of the week is so close now that I can almost feel the warm caressing hands of long lie-ins, watching Gilmore Girls in my pyjamas and indulging in extra large cups of tea and biscuits. That also means that it’s almost October. Sorry, September kinda got away from me there, and I’m really … Continue reading Plans for October


Autumn has fallen!

Oh hey! I hope you've all had an amazing start to the week (or, you know, survived another Monday). I can officially announce that autumn is here! I traded tweets with my friend over who was sat in the coldest office (Fi definitely won that one), cracked out my trusty DMs, and am currently sat … Continue reading Autumn has fallen!

Sausage, Apple & Potato Traybake – and the arrival of autumn

Oh hey! I'm currently stood in my kitchen, wearing a maroon, v-necked jumper, and some exceptionally cosy slippers. This morning, the gunmetal grey sky had me reaching for my trusty leather jacket, that as soon as I stepped outside I knew I needed. And throughout the day I've read two separate news articles, one detailing … Continue reading Sausage, Apple & Potato Traybake – and the arrival of autumn