Living a life cruelty free

Oh hey! Happy Friday all!!

As you may know, I have a beautiful bunny called Teazle who enjoys lots of cuddles, and a pretty sweet life. But when it comes to make-up, not every bunny gets so much love and care.

Sure, Teazle makes every day significantly brighter for me, but up until recently, I was regularly using, or indirectly funding companies that probably tested on one of his distant cousins!

I admit, that when it comes to animal testing for cosmetics there are some grey areas. In the UK and EU, animal testing for make-up is banned, so we can rest easy in knowing that our favourite brands are fairly safe. But I still couldn’t get a good night’s sleep knowing that I was indirectly funding companies to paint bunnies’s claws in the name of beauty! So, I did something about it by switching cruelty free make-up! And boy has it been a game changer.

Until recently I’d never heard of W7, but they started selling it in my local Beauty Outlet, so I decided to pick up their In the Nude eye palette, eyeliner and mascara. Coming in at a little under £12, it was a mega bargain, but I didn’t have massively high hopes. I WAS WRONG!


The Automatic Eyeliner is somewhat chunkier than I’m used it – I generally use this Barry M one (which, fyi, is also cruelty free) – but it went on amazingly, is a really deep inky-black, and didn’t smear halfway up my eyelid when applying. It also, along with the Lengthening Thickening mascara, lasted all day, and didn’t go into that horribly dry, woody feeling that makes me want to peel my eyelashes out. They are both definitely keepers.


The eye palette (which you can see here, but is unfortunately sold out online), well, I’ve only used about four shades out of there, and they come entitled with things such as ‘Marilyn’, ‘Angel’ and ‘Latte’ which just made my heart feel a little warm and squishy. The ones I’ve used are all brilliant, and as of yet, haven’t done that thing where you get all hot and the eye shadow melts into the creases.

And as a base, I’ve been using the Moisture Foundation SPF15 in shade 04 from The Body Shop. As far as I’m aware, The Body Shop has always been cruelty free (although its parent company is, but that’s a whole other blog post), so I know I’m onto a winner there.

My make-up bag is pretty empty still, though, so let me know if you’ve got any other top cruelty free make-up brands that I need to try!


6 thoughts on “Living a life cruelty free

  1. planetmollywood says:

    Great post, I didn’t realise W7 was cruelty free! Definitely going to have to check them out! The Body Shop mascara is really great if you ever wanted to try it out in future! xx


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