Autumn has fallen!

Oh hey!

I hope you’ve all had an amazing start to the week (or, you know, survived another Monday).

I can officially announce that autumn is here! I traded tweets with my friend over who was sat in the coldest office (Fi definitely won that one), cracked out my trusty DMs, and am currently sat huddled in a hoodie and slippers. Autumn has arrived.

As basically my favourite season (I mean, it contains my birthday, I was bound to love it), I thought I’d pull together a lovely little list post of the best bits Autumn can offer you:

  1. Really large cups of tea, ideally in a Cath Kidston mug so that you can wrap your hands around it in a big, comforting, warming hug in a mug.
  2. Blankets, hoodies, slippers, chunky knit cardigans, fluffy socks. OMG have you heard of anything cosier?
  3. It suddenly being acceptable to stay in on a Saturday night! Strictly, the X Factor, welcome back boos!
  4. Yankee Candle autumn scents, like apple crumble and cinnamon spice, and how they make your house smell all yummy.
  5. Choosing what colour to paint your nails suddenly becomes so much easier; put away those pastel shades and pick from red, burgundy and plum, cos that’s all you’re gonna need.
  6. Halloween! There’s nothing better than scaring yourself senseless with a Tim Burton movie, piles of Halloween candy and your best girlfriends.
  7. Autumn walks. I find that throughout the summer, walks take a back seat in preference to pub gardens. But with autumn you can dust off those wellies and head out to your local park or National Trust property in search of crunchy, golden leaves and conkers. (I really like Stourhead if you’re looking for some spectacular autumn colours, or Dyrham’s also a favourite).
  8. Apple and blackberry crumble, sausage and mash, chocolate chip cookies are all making a comeback and they do that thing where they make your soul warm and squishy.
  9. Reading books in front of the fire. For some reason, it’s seen as unsociable to curl up with a good book when you could be out seeing friends and drinking cocktails, but when you get a big ‘Hi!!’ from Autumn you can be reunited with you ink and paper family once more.
  10. Lush Autumn/Halloween range! I mean, Lush is amazing all year round, but when else can you get a bath bomb that legitimately makes you smell like all of the good parts of apple and spice and bonfire night (I’m looking at you Fizzbanger!) – oh, and they’re completely cruelty free, which just makes them feel all that more divine and heavenly.

I’m always on the lookout for new traditions, so let me know what your favourite things about Autumn are.


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