Plans for October

Oh hey!

The end of the week is so close now that I can almost feel the warm caressing hands of long lie-ins, watching Gilmore Girls in my pyjamas and indulging in extra large cups of tea and biscuits.

That also means that it’s almost October. Sorry, September kinda got away from me there, and I’m really not sure where it went. I can’t even gloss it up by saying that it’s been super busy, filled with exciting events and stuff. It’s just disappeared!

So, as October starts to dawn I thought I’d update you on my plans for the coming month. It may go exceptionally quite on the blog and social media front for a while as I will be jetting off to Disney World Florida next week! I’m so excited about this, it’s unreal, but this trip will also encompass my 25th birthday! I mean, I will be spending my birthday with a host of different characters ranging from the team from the Hundred Acre Wood, through to multiple Princesses.

I will try to blog as much of the trip as possible, but if I fail to post, I do have an Instagram account set up where you can follow our escapades throughout the whole of the trip. Follow us here.

I’ll then be heading back home in mid-October, hopefully without too much of the dreaded jetlag, to have a couple of days back in the office before heading down to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio tour.

A couple of friends and I will be spending the day here, reveling in the all the magic and wizardry of what has essentially become my second home! For me and one friend, this will be our 5th time going to the Studio tour! Honestly, I think they may as well employee us, for the frequency in which we visit, and the amount of stuff we think we know…it may have been noted once that licking the costumes is unacceptable; I’ve no idea why they thought we might do that!

After that, then the month will be winding its way to another end, and the sacred festival that is Halloween. I don’t normally do much for Halloween, and will definitely be having a quiet one on my own this year, due to the fact that a) it’s on a Monday (apparently it’s a frowned upon to have a party on a Monday night), and b) the majority of my friends live scattered across the country and it can be difficult to have a weekday get-together! I will want to celebrate a little, so let me know in the comments what your favourite Halloween movies and treats are that I can indulge in!

What are you guys getting up to in the next month?


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