I’m Home!

Hi hunny, I’m home!

Did ya miss me? Did ya? DID YA? (if you get that very loose reference, then you are a true Disney fan).

Well I’m back now and trying to get into the full swing of things before heading back to work tomorrow. It’s been over 24 hours of being in the UK and I’m just so thankful that I don’t seem to get jet lag, otherwise I’d be laying on the sofa in pyjamas having a nap and dreading going back into the office for 9am.

I’ll go into all the details of my Disney trip in a couple more blog posts, but here are my top 6 highlights:

  1. Dinner with the Princesses in Cinderella’s castle – yep, you can actually go into the castle and have dinner, and it was bloody incredible!
  2. Wishes and Celebrate the Magic. Everyone says that these shows are fantastic, and they aren’t hyped up at all…they are just about the most magical thing I’ve ever seen, and I may have also bought the Wishes CD in a mad moment of ‘how can I live without this in my life every other evening’! I might even have listened to it at 10pm last night, as if I was really there.
  3. Fantasmic – this is basically Hollywood Studios own evening show, exploring Mickey’s imagination and how good conquers evil. It’s massive, with lots of singing, water displays, fireworks and magic.
  4. Getting drenched in the rain and being magically dry ten minutes later because it’s just that warm.
  5. Having birthday breakfast with my friends from the Hundred Acre Wood, and getting a birthday card from them all!
  6. Mickey Waffles…enough said really; they’re amazing.

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