10 items for your ragbag of loveliness


So the end of autumn, the run up to Christmas, Christmas itself and the New Year kinda got away from me there! The magic and glitter of Christmas passed to be welcomed by the dreary depths of SAD, which doesn’t highlight my best side, and isn’t something you really wanted to hear about. Actually, I dunno…did you want to hear about it?? Let me know.

But, have you heard of the Ragbag of Loveliness?! It’s something that my mum introduced me to, which she in turn got out of a book. Basically, it’s the little things in life which you can indulge in when things turn a bit shit. The things you can just dip into your ragbag of loveliness, pull out and will instantly make you feel better. So I thought I’d share some of mine.

  1. Nothing in the whole world, I mean nothing, fixes life like a well-made cup of tea. Nothing! Your boyfriend broke up with you? Have a cup of tea. You’ve had a really stressful day at work? Have a cup of tea. You’re cold, hungry and a little bit alone? Have a cup of tea. It’s a miracle worker, a hug in a mug…liquid luck.
  2. Dreams do come true. If something’s happened that makes you feel like they don’t, then stick on a Disney film. It will lift your spirits and soon have you believing in your dreams all over again.
  3. Anxiety feels like the worst thing in the world. It’s a complex little nugget of your being, which can be difficult (though not impossible) to control. It makes you feel lonely. YOU’RE NOT ALONE. Honestly, everyone else is just as complex as you think you are. Blurt buddy boxes are monthly subscriptions which look amazing. They are filled with self-care items to give you a bit of a pick-me-up when things get bad. You can buy one for yourself, or for someone else who you think needs a hug, and you can either sign up to get one every month, or just buy one as a one off! 
  4. A bath bomb from Lush is heaven. There’s a reason that they pop up on your instagram feed so much…it’s not just that they look amazing, but plonking your bum in a bath full of sweet smells and skin nourishing essential oils is good for the soul. It gives you half an hour to relax and recharge your batteries and some well deserved ‘me time’.
  5.  Crying and blubbing your eyes out over nothing at all is not weird. In fact, it’s totally normal! Wrap yourself up in a blanket, pull out that family size bar of Galaxy chocolate and have yourself a good cry in front of a chick-flick. It releases pent up stress and will defo make you feel better.
  6. Singing releases all these happy hormones in your brain, and makes you feel content. So sometimes hitting the motorway with Taylor Swift, Madness or Nathan Sykes blaring out of the stereo, singing at the top of your voice, is the therapy that you need.
  7. Celebrate the small victories. You don’t have to rule the world every day. The fact that you got dressed and went to work is a victory that still needs celebrating. If all you managed to achieve today was surviving, you’re still winning! And you’re allowed to fist-pump yourself, it doesn’t look weird.
  8. A good book is a vital platform for escaping, just for a little while. Especially if it’s the sort of light, chick-lit book that you can drop into easily. Something by Giovanna Fletcher or Sophie Kinsella hits the mark every time.
  9. Candles, like a half hour in a bath, are the most relaxing thing ever. There are some amazing sales in Yankee Candle at the moment, so you can scoop up some great deals and create yourself a cosy little den to carry you through the winter.
  10. Go for a walk. It’s said that exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant and a little walk can do wonders for your heart, mind and body. It can be a 15 min stroll in your lunch break or a hike on the weekend, just make sure you get outside and into the fresh air. And I don’t wanna hear that you don’t have time, you have exactly the same number of hours in the day as everyone else, and if I can make the time, then so can you.

If you have anything else that can be added to your ragbag of loveliness, let me know in the comments.


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