I live my life in lists, like quite a few people. I have a to-do list, a shopping list, a goal list, a list of homeware I’d LOVE to bu yin the next few weeks and lists of places I’d like to visit, among many others. So I thought the best way to introduce myself would to be in list form, obvs.

  1. Heather Headon.
  2. 25 years old…going on either 84 and being curled up with slippers and blanket on a Saturday night, or 4, when I have a panic and a meltdown over something that doesn’t ever require that level of stress.
  3. Studying English Literature and Creative Writing with the Open University.
  4. 4 – the current number of cups of tea drunk this morning.
  5. Pets – 1 most adorable bunny in the whole world.
  6. Piercings and tattoos…a few.
  7. My hair is naturally blonde. Well, it was natural blonde when I was three, I’ve just helped it get back to its natural state with the help of my hairdresser and regular dying.
  8. Yes, that does mean that technically, I naturally have dark brown hair and blue eyes. Yes, I know that it’s unusual. No, I don’t know anyone else in my family with blue eyes. And no, I’m not adopted, just a bit odd.
  9. Sometimes I take selfies on Snapchat just to use the filters, and then promptly delete the selfies without saving or sending them to anyone. It just amuses me.
  10. I find days particularly saddening when one of the following isn’t mentioned; Friends, Christmas, chocolate, tea or Disney.